Clothing Matrix

Clothing Matrix

VS1 allows for the creation of more than just a cubed matrix. VS1 caters for “X”, “Y”, and “A”, “B”, “C” options

Individual Pricing

Flexible pricing structure allows you to set your matrix prices by Group, or individually.

Unlimited Entry

With no limits on the number of variations possible, you have an unlimited “range of options”.

Grid Format Reports

View your Matrix stock levels either in Grid Format, or a Standard Report.
Track stock levels based on the “X’, “Y” or “Z’ axis.

Unlimited Choices

You decide: Size, Colour, Length, Width, Height etc.
With unlimited choices, you can tailor-make the matrix categories to suit your business.

Create Grids Instantly

Set up a “Default Matrix Grid Template”, then simply copy the template, rename it, and instantly create a new set of products based on the template design.

Clothing/Product Matrix

The VS1 Clothing/Product Matrix enables the creation of a multi faceted matrix, i.e. “X’ and “Y” plus “A”, “B” and “C”. For example you may require: Garment Length, Cuff Width, Collar Height, and Sleeve Length etc.

You now have the ability to include additional categories alongside the traditional Colour and Size matrix choices. Each category can have an unlimited number of choices, resulting in a large range of options.

Clothing Matrix

POS (Point of Sale)

Grid entry screens will display directly from your POS screen. This gives you consistency for your matrix selections.

Update by Group

Define your matrix products into a Group. This will enable you to make changes on mass, per group. Change one aspect of a group, and the entire group is updated with that change.

Excel Imports

Create your pricing schedule on am Excel Spreadsheet and simply import it into VS1.

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