Electronic Point of Sale

POS - Single or Multiple Tills

VS1 POS is fully integrated, real time, with all your Accounts, Inventory, and Supply Chain Management

Multiple Departments or Stores

VS1 Cloud enables you to run multiple Departments and or Stores on the one POS system.

Stock Quantities

View at a glance your stock levels at each and every Department or Store. See across all outlets, what’s been sold, placed on order or lay-by, and orders placed with Suppliers. If ordered from foreign Suppliers, know what container, on what ship, and when your order is due to land.

Gift Voucher Tracking

Create, sell and receive vouchers. VS1 also caters for you to accept someone else’s voucher if you wish.

Lay-by and Customer Loyalty Tracking

Track both Lay-by’s and Customer Loyalty Program, from Terms and Conditions, through to payments, outstanding balances, with complete transaction history.

EFTPOS Enabled

VS1’s EPOS system can be linked directly to your EFTPOS machine, with sale values auto loading to your EFTPOS machine ready for customer card payments. Run the End-of-Day process to reconcile your EFTPOS to VS1 accounts.

Comprehensive Security Levels

System Administrators can assign detailed POS Access Levels to every employee. Set POS logins with password protection, allowing you to track who made each sale, and when it was transacted. This information is posted to a report, and becomes an effective tool to help you schedule your staff hours, and identify staff productivity.

EPOS Features

Multiple Tills

Run multiple tills from one source, or have multiple tills use one cash drawer and one receipt printer

Discounting Options

Automate your discount structure by assigning them at Customer level; or Product level, including Groups of Products; or by a selected date range

Order Numbers

Easily assign Order Numbers to Customers. Ideal for any business that requires a ticketed order system, such as Restaurants and Takeaway

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