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ATO service to iron out lodgment process

4th Feb 2022 | Accounting

The ATO has encouraged tax and BAS agents to take advantage of its practitioner lodgment service (PLS) user guide.

In an update this week, the Tax Office flagged the use of the PLS, noting that the online channel enables tax and BAS agents to lodge forms, including tax returns, activity statements and schedules; access services such as client updates and direct debits; and download relevant reports and lists.

“The PLS uses Standard Business Reporting (SBR) to lodge and interact with the ATO. Your software must be SBR-enabled before you can use the service,” the ATO’s statement read.

“This guide supplements the supporting documentation provided with your software. Some features described in the guide may operate differently or be unavailable in some SBR-enabled software packages.”

In order to gain access to the PLS, users require an Australian business number (ABN), SBR-enabled software, and a myGovID unless using hosted (cloud-based) software, the ATO flagged, adding that users will also need to set permissions through Access Manager.

“Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is a standardised approach to online or digital record-keeping that simplifies business reporting obligations. SBR is built into many business and accounting software packages, making them ‘SBR-enabled’,” the ATO explained.

“To find out how to get SBR-enabled software, including upgrades and installation, talk to your technology adviser or digital service provider.” 

Source: Accountants Daily