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Conversion Apps

Jet Convert

Bring across old accounting data to VS1 Cloud including transactional history and company data set up for Quickbooks (USA), MYOB (ANZ), Reckon (ANZ) and BankLink (AU). Quick, easy & accurate.
We also digitise Bank statements into spreadsheet format for data analysis, or OFX for importing into VS1 Cloud. Saves manually entering all those historical bank transactions yourself!

Jet Convert
Jet Convert will enable you to keep working in VS1 Cloud from where you left off in your original accounting software.

MMC Convert

We provide efficient conversion services, converting historical accounting data from multiple accounting softwares.

Historical data is of prime importance for comparative analysis across periods of time for any business.

The proprietary app used by us is useful for anyone desirous of switching to VS1 Cloud from other accounting software and intending to accurately import the legacy data from their old accounting software, rapidly and in a hassle-free manner.

Given the nature of the data involved, speed and accuracy in the conversion process is of vital importance. Since MMC offers an automated process and is also handled by experts, the turnaround time involved is short and the margin of error minimal.

MMC Convert
Our tool extracts data from the old accounting software, conditions it according to VS1 Cloud and pushes it into the entity using the API.

Key features of MMC include the following functionalities which:

(a) Offer Full Transactional Conversion including conversion of All Chart of Accounts, Contacts, Invoices, Bills, Reconciled Bank Transactions, Manual Journals from the old accounting software.

(b) Convert Classes/ Departments/ Jobs/ Divisions into Tracking Categories

(c) Enable Sales estimates and Purchase Order estimates

(d) Can be used for recording/ tracking/ consolidating Multi Currency Transactions

(e) Enable comparative analysis for Multiple Historical Years

(f) Can be used for Chart of Accounts Mapping