Department Reporting

Also called Cost Centres. Allows for breaking down of each individual transaction into different cost centres. Great for doing Profit and Loss reports by departments etc to track individual sections within your company to see how they are performing.

Customised Reports

VS1 offer customization options to tailor reports according to the specific needs and requirements of each department.

Real Time Reporting

One of the key advantages of VS1 Department Reporting is the ability to provide real-time data. Department reporting benefits from this feature by offering up-to-date and accurate information for decision-making.

Chart/Graph Reports

Create your own display in 3D Graph format from any of the standard Department Reports in VS1. We have over 80 charts and reports to choose from. Charts enable our clients to visually compare mutliple sets of data more clearly. This is a great option as apposed to showing lists or tables as you can convey the relationship between two or more sets of data visually.

Real Time Department Reporting

No more waiting for batches to update, or monthly rollovers to occur. Run your department reports, live, anytime, from anywhere. Keeping in touch with your business in this fast-paced world is easy with VS1. Simply drill into any value on any department report to retrieve the data behind it.

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