Inventory Management

If you are in Distribution, Wholesale, or Retail, Inventory Management is critical to the smooth operation of your business.

Stock Control

VS1 Cloud gives you real time information on current stock levels and values including stock on order, work in progress and finished goods.

Stock Take and Adjustments

Accurate “stock counts” are made easy when using a handheld device that directly interfaces with VS1. Many businesses invest heavily in their stock/products; therefore it is crucial to the success of the business to ensure accurate stock levels. Maintaining strong inventory management with real time reporting helps you make important decisions when it counts.

Multiple Locations

Keeping track of stock across multiple stores and warehouses comes with its own challenges. With VS1 Cloud, your Inventory is updated real time, across all your stores and warehouses. All you need is an internet connection.

Warehouse Management

Run multiple Warehouses/Locations in VS1, and know what stock levels are in each one.
If you use barcodes for your products, you can easily identify the location each one is in.
Report on each location. Know the products that sell best at each one.
The Sales Team can easily access data on which location a product can be collected from.
Order stock for an individual location, or, order in bulk for all locations.
Price your stock by location.

Graphical Reports

Viewing data in chart format can be an easier method of visualising your inventory status.

Streamlining Your Warehouse

With good Inventory Management, you can control your distribution system more efficiently and effectively. Minimise the time it takes from Quote to Order being shipped, simply by having good accurate data at hand. Establish repeat, happy Customers by providing them with a professional, streamlined service.

Batch Number Tracking

Assign a Batch Number to your purchased products. This makes it easier to identify your oldest stock. The Batch Number will also identify what range of goods your Customers have purchased, from which Supplier you ordered them, and all relevant detail pertaining to that order.

Multiple Bins

Warehouse Management requires detail. The necessity to allocate and retrieve stock quickly is vital for a smooth distribution system.
The ability to track your stock by individual or multiple bins, or racks and levels, will lead to a more efficient, stress-free environment.
Servicing your Customers quickly and correctly will lead to repeat, long-term Customers.

Stock Takes or Adjustments and Stock Transfers

Perform a Stock Take or Adjustment to alter your stock levels to match what is “on the shelf”, i.e. change the levels of actual stock the Company holds.
A Stock Adjustment is generally used for when goods have been damaged and can no longer be sold, or returned to the supplier.
A Stock Take is often conducted annually, or bi-annually to ensure the overall quantities are correct. This will take into account general human error, theft, incorrect supply etc.
A Stock Transfer simply moves the stock from one department/location to another, leaving the overall stock quantity the same.

Distribution And Inventory

Product Card

Enter all detail as required. The more information stored, the more detailed your reports will be. Keep an accurate and extensive library of product information, including Customer and Supplier history.

Drillable Reports and Lists

Knowing what makes up your financial data is one of the keys to running a successful business. Drill into any list or report to display the transactional data behind it. By filtering on any desired criteria, you can dissect the data to give you valuable insight into your business.
This information can help you make more informed decisions to aid in the growth of your business.


VS1 Cloud keeps track of your stock across multiple stores and warehouses. With VS1 Cloud, your Inventory levels are updated real time, across all your stores and warehouses.

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