Payroll Unlimited Employees

VS1 Payroll

VS1 Fully Integrated Payroll and HRM Software

Fully integrated payroll system from rosters to clock in clock out. VS1 has an extensive employee database with all details required to keep an accurate payroll system. This system can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. You can pay into multiple employee accounts, take out additional tax, salary sacrifice, or calculate superannuation.

When pays are run, thisupdates chart of accounts, general ledger is immediately updated including bank accounts expenses and liabilities. All leave, allowances, deductions etc are immediately posted and recorded.


VS1 has the ability to have unlimited awards, EBAs, workplace agreements and pay rates all fully integrated with the VS1 Suite.

EFT and Bank Transfer

Payroll directly into the bank account of every employee, with the simple click of a button from your PC. Make almost any payment direct from your PC straight out of VS1 into your bank.

Auto Load

Load entries from time sheet or roster directly into your payroll screen. Simply open the pays screen, select load from roster and your pays are done, all ready to print or send to EFT and Banking.

Automatic Termination Calculation

VS1 will automatically calculate any outstanding balances and generate group certificates with the push of a button.

Time Sheet Entries

Enter times using fixed hours, flat rate or time sheet. Time sheet entries are great for job costing etc. These job costing entries will then flow down to profit and loss reports for any job you undertake.

Full Allowances Lists

VS1 has a full and complete range of allowances pre-loaded, so you can set up car or meal allowances etc, quickly and easily. In addition you can create any number of your own allowances over and above what is already there.

Fully Automated Accruals

All options for leave, sick, RDO etc are fully automated, so that with every pay run, any accruals assigned to that employee are updated, including history for each employee under that award.

Full Deductions Lists

VS1 has a full and complete range of deductions pre-loaded, so you can set up union fees or child care payments etc, quickly and easily. In addition you can create any number of your own deductions over and above what is already there.

Group Certificates

Automatically created with the push of a button. All details required will load ready to go.


Load Employee with Pay Group

You can create awards, which when assigned to an employee will auto load into the employee, all pay information associated with that award. This also allows for instant updates to employees when the award is changed, so groups of employees can be changed on mass.


Fully integrated superannuation calculations from government guarantee to salary sacrifice and more with all reports from super by fund etc. included.

Tax Scales

When tax scales change, VS1 automatically updates with the new scales.

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