Job Costing

Detailed Job Costing

VS1 Cloud has the functionality for you record every detail of every Customer or Product Job

Record Every Detail for Every Jobs

With the ability to record all details for every Customer Job, you get Job Profitability and Traceability.

Detailed Historical Records

An extensive and complete history of every quote, sales order, invoice, cash sale, appointment, and purchase order for every individual job.

Product Jobs

Create templates for Product Jobs, or make one-off entries on the fly. Product costs and sale prices get updated live, ensuring accurate data at all times.

Profit & Loss Reporting per Job

All income and costs per job are tracked, so every Job/Project entered into VS1 can be it’s own profit centre. Or, combine a group of Jobs/Projects and track them as a total.

Accurate, Up To Date Charts and Reports

VS1 enables Business Owners and Management to make informed decisions at all times, by accessing real-time data. Therefore, helping you grow your business efficiently and effectively.

Ease of Use

VS1 enables you to create Customer or Product Jobs with ease. VS1 is a fully integrated program that feeds all data entered to every related area, making it incredibly easy to create your Jobs by utilising existing data.

Job Costing Management

Job Profit & Loss

All income and costs are tracked per job, and captured on a customised Job Profitability Report.

Serial Number Tracking

Track your Products by Serial Number, whether you buy it or build it.

Auto Cost Loading

Associated Costs for every Job can be auto loaded to invoice your Customer for expenses incurred per Job.

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