Foreign Exchange

Multi Currency Software

VS1 Cloud handles multiple currencies effortlessly. Helping you do business internationally.

Automatic Currency Conversion

VS1 allows fixed foreign currency values per supplier, and auto loads currency adjustments upon payment.

Effortless Foreign Transactions

All foreign currency transactions are converted into local currency, real time.

Product Currency

Products can be pre-assigned to a Supplier with a fixed purchase price, in the Suppliers currency. VS1 will auto load the FX value and auto adjust the local currency in accordance to the latest FX rate assigned.

Eliminate FX Obstacles

Trading overseas has never been easier. VS1 auto loads any variation in currency value from purchase to payment. Set the FX rate at system level, or, per transaction. The system FX rate can be adjusted as often as required to keep up with market changes.

Reconciling Bank Accounts

Reconciliations are handled in the currency of your local account. Simply use the Bank Feed integration in VS1.

FX Reports

VS1 comes standard with foreign currency reports. You can track Customer and Supplier history for all foreign transactions.

Foreign Currencies

Multi Currency Reporting

Selected financial reports can be displayed in both the Local and FX currency.

Flexible Currency Reporting

Select the currency you want to display a report in. The values on the report will automatically update in accordance to the latest assigned FX rate for the chosen currency.

Set the FX Rate

Keep your FX rates current by updating at point of posting the payment, or update the system rate, or use Hedging.

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