Website Integration

Complete Website Integration With VS1 Cloud

Integrate all orders as well as customer information from your website directly into your VS1 Cloud database

Website Integration

If you have a website and you would like integration to your VS1 Cloud software, we can help you do that. Our website integration allows you to integrate all orders as well as customer information from your website directly into your VS1 Cloud database.

Questions you need to ask yourself

If your e-commerce business is growing but you haven’t yet implemented VS1 Cloud Website Integration, your business may be at risk. Every time you manually enter sales orders in your VS1 Cloud database, adjust your inventory or upload updated product data onto your website, you’re spending more time and energy than necessary. You’re also increasing the possibility of errors, which are never good for business.

Web Page with Automatic Contact Integration

If a person fills in the contact page on this web site, their details will appear automatically in VS1 Cloud.

Web Page with Automatic Shopping Cart Integration

This style of site has everything from automatic contact integration from the website to a working Shopping cart with a payment gateway.

Website Integration

Web Page

Set your web site up to integrate fully with VS1 Cloud with everything from Shopping Carts to Customer balances, using the built in Web Application Programming Interface (API).

Send and Receive

Create links with any website or portal where VS1 Cloud sends and receives any and all data automatically.


Electronic Data Integration. Using almost any format, have files from anywhere, import directly into VS1 Cloud. To find out more about how to improve productivity with VS1 Clouds software suite

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