Control the Entire Manufacturing Process

VS1 Manufacturing takes you from Bill of Materials (BOM’s), to Production Scheduling, to Product Completion and Sale

Manufacturing Procedures

Whether your manufacturing process is a simple assembly of components, or requires scheduling and monitoring of multiple processes and resources, VS1 can help you.
VS1 takes you from Bill of Materials (BOM’s), to Supply Chain Management and Production Scheduling, to completion and sale.

Production Scheduling

See at a glance which jobs are on the production line, and which jobs are coming up. With real-time scheduling, your employee and manufacturing assets can be managed efficiently, resulting in less down time, and speeding up delivery to your Customers.

Product Tracking

If you buy a product, that you also manufacture yourself, you can record the Suppliers code and price separately against the same product card.
This makes it easy to assign the relevant Supplier information when creating your Purchase Order for that product, as your internal product code may differ from your Suppliers product code.

BOM’s / Groups / Kits

Bill of Materials, or “BOM’s”, can be created to make an entirely new product. Each BOM can contain a “group” within a “group” with unlimited sub-products, i.e. one manufactured product may be required in a build of a different product, e.g. a wheel is built separate, but is required on a car build.
Each component used in a build is allocated throughout the build process, and taken from stock when the product is built.


Capacity Planning

Manufacturing is linked directly to your Purchasing. With Capacity Planning, your Purchasing Officer will receive prompts at set trigger points throughout the manufacturing process, warning them to order product required for upcoming stages. These prompts are based on present stock levels, set re-order points, and estimated time of delivery.

Time Sheet Entries

Use a Scanner to clock “on and off” Jobs.
Record how long it is taking, and how much it costs to complete each section of your build. This is essential data, allowing you to make adjustments quickly to improve your manufacturing processes.
These time-sheet entries are invaluable for your job costing, flowing through to the Profit and Loss Report for each and every job.

Job Costing

Real-time, accurate job costing!
All labour costs, expenses, and products costs entered will continually update the cost of each Job, live.

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