CRM – Customer Relationship Management

VS1 allows you to store and manage your Contact information, from Prospect to Customer, do it once and it’s all there in one location.

Manage Your Customer Information

Store and Manage your Customer information, like contact information, and account details. VS1 gives you easy access to your leads and sales opportunities all in one secure location.

Customer History

Store and Manage all your Customer history, from lead to quote, to sales orders and invoicing. Access Customer Statements, view Appointment history and lead information all at the touch of a button.

Customer Reports

VS1’s detailed Customer Reports can help you increase leads; close more deals in less time, and encourages Customer loyalty and overall satisfaction.

Increase Sales

With detailed Customer, and Supplier reports, you can gain information that will allow you to run and grow your business.

  • Forecast Revenue
  • Increase sales
  • See your entire sales pipeline

Real Time Reporting

VS1 Real Time Reporting will allow you to gain more insight into your Business. This can help you find more leads, and close more deals faster.

Grow Your Revenue

To grow your Revenue, you must first know and understand the health of your business. With VS1’s many Financial Reports updating live with every piece of data entered, you have access to real-time financial information.
Being able to drill down to the transactional information from any of the Reports, and filter by selected criteria, you can analyse the health of your business with ease.
VS1 reporting helps you to make informed business decisions anytime, anywhere.

CRM Management

Customer Tracking

Establish long term, loyal Customers with VS1 CRM.
Link marketing, sales, financials, and servicing together to take your Prospects on a professional Customer journey.
Stay connected 24/7 on any device.

Customer History

Increase your Teams effectiveness with access to historical data on any device, anywhere, anytime.
Continue to grow and adjust your marketing and sales strategies as your Customers grow.

Prospect to Invoice

Time is of the essence. Streamline your processes. Access Customer history on any device, anywhere, anytime.
Give your team the tools to increase their effectiveness.

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