VS1 Cloud Modules

Modules For Every ERP Operation

Accounts Spaceholder

Maximum flexibility from the creation of your Chart of Accounts and Cost Centres to Real Time Reporting

CRM Spaceholder

Improve your sales productivity. With full access to customer history, you can manage customers with ease

Distribution Spaceholder

Management of your inventory is critical in controlling your costs and ensuring a smooth operation

EDI Spaceholder

Import files directly from any location into VS1 Cloud. Sends and receives data automatically.

Financial Spaceholder

Time- saving tools with real time reporting to help you stay up to date with your day to day financial operations

Foreign Exchange

Offers a variety of foreign currency values that auto load when payments or any transactions are made

Human Resources

Designed to help business owners manage and easily keep track of their employees for hassle free reporting

Inventory Spaceholder

The tools you need to manage your inventory easily and to ensuring efficient operation of your business

Job Costing Spaceholder

Comprehensive history of every quote, sales order, invoice, cash sale, etc that correlates with a specific job

Manufacturing Spaceholder

Manage your entire production processes. Helping you effortlessly meet the demands of your customers

Reporting Spaceholder

Real time reporting customizable to meet your unique business needs. Stunning visual and analytic reports

Retail Spaceholder

Analyse comprehensive sales and customer purchasing trends and maximise profits by investigating blind spots

Servicing Spaceholder

Makes it easy to manage all areas of your workshop and servicing requirements with flexibility

Website Integration

Integrating your website with VS1 Cloud allows anyone to purchase from a website and sync the sale directly to VS1 Cloud