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With Boxkite, your accounting data from VS1 Cloud is automatically transferred to your Dropbox account in near real-time. If your computer is running Dropbox it will synchronize, ensuring you always have a copy of your important data close at hand.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we keep your data backed up.

Boxkite checks VS1 Cloud on a regular basis for any changes. Anything that's changed is immediately queued up, and transferred from VS1 Cloud to Dropbox just as quickly as our hoards of robots can manage.


Automatically populate data from your bills, invoices, and expenses! Cost-efficient & accurate, helps you reduce 95% of the cost spent doing manual processes. Upload documents from DropBox, Google Drive, Box or Microsoft One Drive.
Automatically populate data from your bills, invoices, and expenses! Cost-efficient & accurate, helps you reduce 95% of the cost spent doing manual processes. Upload documents from DropBox, Google Drive, Box or Microsoft One Drive.
Entryless is fully integrated with VS1 Cloud, expense accounts, tracking categories, tax rates regardless of your country, and many more! Track your expenses with more accuracy and less effort. Original bills get synced into VS1 CLoud Files.

Get more done wherever your day takes you.
Unlimited users with different access types, simply pay a small monthly fee for what you use.
Entryless automatically updates VS1 Cloud as bills are submitted. All you do is audit and approve. It is the easiest method of automating the entry of bills, invoices & expenses.
Time is money, so start saving it with our industry-leading OCR based data capture.


One Click integration; we automatically import your accounting settings.
The most accurate and cost-efficient app.
Automate your bills and expenses by integrating with any cloud storage app; DropBox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft One Drive, or send them by email, upload them directly or through our mobile apps.
Transforms the way Accountants and Business Owners across the Globe manage accounts payable, slash costs dramatically. Reward yourself with more time for your business.
Integrate all your bookkeeping clients, branches, divisions or legal entities under One-Master Account.
Entryless is the leader in bill entry accuracy with 99.80% in accuracy from millions of bills.


Formitize leads the world in smart forms and integrated business solutions. With clients ranging from government agencies and many of the world’s largest corporations to thousands of very small businesses across more than two hundred industries globally automating millions of forms, workflows and processes to improve the way businesses work.

Awesome two way VS1 Cloud integration linking CRM Clients, Suppliers & Contacts, Invoices, Purchases, Expenses, Quotes, Job Management, Forms, Line Items, Tax Rates and more.


Lightyear provides automated line item data extraction with 100% accuracy, instant processing, a robust approval workflow and inventory exports for Accounts Payables teams.
Line-item data extraction - Lightyear extracts line-item data from bills, credit notes, supplier statements and receipts immediately and accurately, in real time. Lightyear applies rules line by line, detects international currency, confirms the GST/Tax is correct and price checks each line item.

Approvals process - Bills are sent to the correct person for approval, no matter the size of the business. You can dispute and communicate on each bill using the notes feature, before exporting to VS1 Cloud

Inventory Supply Side Management - Lightyear can sync with your external Inventory system to update product and inventory stock levels.

Bills stored in the Lightyear cloud - Bills are reconciled automatically and stored in the Lightyear cloud for your regulatory period. You give auditors & external teams access to specific files and data, keeping all records secure and under control.

Automated Supplier Statement Reconciliation - Lightyear can reconcile all your supplier statements in real-time.

Price Checker - Lightyear's price checker feature will confirm you have been charged the correct price from your agreed supplier price lists.

Unlimited users, unlimited company entities.

Partner programme - Unlimited client accounts, users all for one simple per transaction pricing model.

This is only the beginning of what Lightyear can do. For a full list of the features

With 1 click you can export your accounts payable data to VS1 Cloud. Supplier cards, categories, tax codes, GL's are all transmitted on a line by line basis into VS1 Cloud. Once your data is in VS1 Cloud your accountant can then pay for the approved bills.

Still unsure if Lightyear is the solution for you
Our team is ready to speak to you today to show you the power of Lightyear. Contact us via the Contact form on our website:

Nimbus Portal Solutions

A true Cloud Document Management system with fully integrated Secure Client Portal.
A true Cloud Document Management system with fully integrated Secure Client Portal providing a rich set of features such as:

Document Workflow
Digital Signatures
Client Activity Tracking
Email Management
Online Checklists
All plans come with unlimited secure cloud storage and automated backups. Monthly subscription with no lock-in contracts.

Nimbus Portal Solutions
Nimbus automatically synchronises your Client and Contact details directly from VS1 Cloud to your Nimbus Portal, saving you time and eliminating manual double-entry.



Easily handwrite your notes in the cloud.
Easy cloud note-taking with handwriting and drawing on to your own custom templates, for every industry to provide a flexible and efficient work day.

We've moved away from the days of paper notepads, losing track of our notes, and re-entering information. Notud integrates directly with VS1 Cloud so you can be handwriting notes on your iPad, tablet or other device at the click of a button in VS1 Cloud. With Notud, you're working smarter as notes are automatically filed to your clients, backed up and encrypted.


Proposify let's you create beautiful, effective proposals, streamline your sales process, and get faster client sign-off! Start a free 14-day trial.
Proposify is online proposal software that makes it easier for businesses to create well-designed proposals, quotes, or contracts, streamline their sales process, and close deals faster.

Our easy-to-use design editor allows even non-designers to create beautiful, professional-looking proposals.

Our gallery of professionally designed and written business proposal templates for a variety of services helps kick-start your proposal process. All templates are 100% customizable.

Our content library stores proposal content so it can be easily repurposed, making team collaboration easier.

We provide metrics of valuable info like the status of your proposals, whether your client has viewed a proposal and for how long, and when they sign-off.

Close more deals and deals paid faster with Proposify and VS1 Cloud.

With the native integration between VS1 Cloud and Proposify, you can import your VS1 Cloud contacts into Proposify and automatically populate proposals with your client's contact information using proposal variables

As soon as your client signs off on your proposal, you can automatically generate an invoice in VS1 Cloud that matches your proposal exactly.

We’ll even let you specify a percentage of the deal to send an initial deposit invoice or bill the whole thing.

After your invoice is generated, you can download a PDF or link right into VS1 Cloud to customize and send it


Qwilr is a document creation tool that enables you to create proposals, quotes and other sales documents as beautiful, responsive web pages.

Here’s how it works:

Create beautiful proposals, quotes and other documents
Use our simple drag and drop editor to create beautiful proposals and documents. Add videos, maps, audio, forms, calendars, spreadsheets, interactive pricing calculators and more.

Send them as responsive web pages that look great on any device
Share your documents as beautiful web pages that look great on mobile & desktop. Add password protection & user authentication to ensure only the right people see them.

Get notified when people view your proposals quotes and other documents. See who’s viewing them, how long for, what content they’re engaging with and more.

Allow people to accept, sign and pay instantly
Allow prospects to instantly accept, e-sign and/or pay from within your documents. Get notified the moment they accept, and see a full audit trail of the engagement.


Qwilr can automatically create a draft invoice in VS1 Cloud when a proposal is accepted, saving you from having to manually create and send the invoice.

Whenever you send a proposal in Qwilr, simply select the ‘Create invoice in VS1 Cloud’ option and select which contact to associate it with. Once the proposal is accepted, a draft invoice will automatically be created in VS1 Cloud with all the information from your proposal!



SuiteFiles makes file management in the cloud a breeze for small-medium businesses. It allows you to easily store and manage all your folders, files, emails and templates in one place. Utilising Microsoft's Office 365 cloud platform, SuiteFiles ensures the integrity and security of your file system, while still making it accessible and searchable. With a built in online backups tool, you'll never lose another file again!

Work more efficiently and accurately with your files. Know what actions are being taken in SuiteFiles directly from VS1 Cloud. And use templates in SuiteFiles to create documents or emails that are automatically populated with client data from VS1 Cloud.


Synkle makes VS1 Cloud File download simple. It is for businesses that like the assurance of having a centralised storage solution for their accounting files. Rest easy in the knowledge that your files are backed up in one of the worlds most secure cloud based storage facilities, Google Drive.

Synkle integrates with the VS1 Cloud File library. All Files in VS1 Cloud, including those attached to transactions and aren’t visible in the File Library, are downloaded to Google Drive


Veryfi is the world's fastest and secure application to extract and categorize data from receipts, bills and invoices. Each clean and precise transaction is then sent to VS1 Cloud with source documents attached.

Your clients use our 5-star mobile app to securely snap pictures of receipts, bills and invoices, or forward digital documents to a personalized @veryfi email address. In seconds, those documents are processed, and you now have access to their tax file cabinet and rich reports. It's that easy.

Furthermore, Veryfi is built with data-privacy and security at the core. Veryfi is GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant. Veryfi is an intelligent vault you can trust to store and automate your client's bookkeeping needs.

In the time it took you to read this, Veryfi would have processed 3 documents. Say no to "delayed processing" (offshore data extraction teams) and say Hello to Veryfi. Your documents are ready.


Snap a photo of a receipt and your done. 3 seconds later a wealth of data has been extracted and tax coded inside Veryfi. No polling or waiting. Try it yourself and see how easy and crazy fast this is: