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Bitcoin Sync by Blockpath

Key benefits

Bring together your Bitcoin accounting and traditional accounting to make tracking your finances easier. Monitor your balances, transactions, and ongoing capital gains earnings from directly inside your VS1 Cloud account.

You'll get your Bitcoin transactions sorted directly into your VS1 Cloud every hour, complete with your notes and the exchange rate at the time of transaction for tax purposes.

Save time and money during tax season. All-in-one product gives you a live view of your capital gains inside VS1 Cloud throughout the year, and our Tax Prep tool provides year-end reporting with support for exchange trades and pdf/xlsx exporting.


Blockpath syncs Bitcoin transactions into VS1 Cloud to make your accounting simpler. Provide us your Bitcoin addresses or xPubs, sort them into groups, and then relax. We will create all your transactions inside VS1 Cloud, along with records of your ongoing capital gains obligations. The app automatically recognizes payments from clients/mining, exchange sale conversions, and transfers between your addresses. You don't have to worry if the data is correct, we provide reconcile tools that show you every transaction on the blockchain and within VS1 Cloud, and can automatically repair any discrepancies quickly.


Key benefits

Sync cryptocurrency data from Ledgible to VS1 Cloud Journal Entries.

Streamline cryptocurrency accounting processes in VS1 Cloud.

Detailed mapping of cryptocurrency assets to VS1 Cloud.


Ledgible makes it intuitive to work with blockchain transaction data, enabling you to track, monitor and report your cryptocurrency assets from a single platform. Ledgible provides accurate and standardized cryptocurrency asset data to bridge the gap between traditional financial tools and blockchain technology.

Link My Books

Automatically imports your sales data, fees and even cost of goods sold from Amazon into clear, understandable invoices and bills inside VS1 Cloud.
Link My Books is for Amazon sellers who want to make their Amazon accounting simple, quick and accurate with minimal effort. The integration takes just 15 minutes to set up and could save you hours on your Amazon bookkeeping each month. Focus your time on growing your business and let Link My Books handle the boring bookkeeping stuff.

Get super accurate books whilst spending less time bookkeeping than you could ever imagine was possible!

Link My Books

Link My Books automatically imports your Amazon Settlements as they are generated. Your settlements are processed into invoices ready to send to VS1 Cloud using your desired account and tax settings. Once processed, your settlements are then sent securely to VS1 Cloud ready for you or your accountant to reconcile against the incoming deposits from Amazon. Various VAT scenario pre-sets available meaning you can accurately assign the correct VAT rates to all Amazon transaction types in just a few clicks, then have your accountant double check them.


Key benefits:

Saves time: nettTracker can automatically add capital purchases to your fixed asset register, calculate depreciation and then post journals to Vs1 Cloud

Saves money: Over the year, many hours can be spent updating fixed asset registers, especially if they need to be maintained on a monthly basis. Leave it to nettTracker and simply review the fixed asset register when you need to.

Increased accuracy: Without the need to create spreadsheets and create and copy formulas, you can be sure that your depreciation is being calculated accurately with minimum effort.


What does nettTracker do for you? 1. Detects new Capital purchases by monitoring VS1 Cloud transactions in accounts you specify 2. Creates new Fixed Asset entries, specifies depreciation rules and projects depreciation costs 3. Calculates depreciation and creates the journal entries in VS1 Cloud. All of the above can be set to processed automatically, keeping your balance sheet up to date in real-time

Syft Analytics

Key benefits

Powerful features to go from data to decisions: Create beautiful reports, visualize data in graphs & dashboards, consolidate multiple entities, compare performance to the industry, create forecasts & budgets and estimate the value of your entity.

Deliver real impact: Accountants and business owners use Syft to increase revenue and reduce costs, improve key performance metrics and save time across all reporting and analytics processes. Setup and ready-to-go in under 30 seconds.

Support to guide your every step: Multi-level support including guided setup and on-boarding, dedicated account managers, dedicated customer success specialists and live-chat assist.


Syft is an award-winning financial reporting and analytics app that allows accountants and businesses to easily create beautiful financial reports and insights.


Key benefits

Avoid unpleasant sales tax surprises. States have passed dozens of new laws requiring out-of-state sellers to collect sales tax since a landmark Supreme Court decision in 2018. TaxVerse tells you where you need to collect and file.

Optimize your sales tax obligations. Forecast the implications of opening new locations, hiring remote employees, working with third-party affiliates, and other activities that could trigger sales tax collection requirements.

Get the simplicity and affordability of software with the deep tax experience of PwC, one of the largest professional services firms in the world. Let tax professionals at PwC prepare your returns and coordinate remittances to each applicable state.


The new sales tax rules are complicated. Are you ready? Understand where, when and why you need to collect sales tax and let PwC handle your sales tax filings.