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Construction, Retail Trade


Aider is the digital assistant for smarter business.
Connecting to the apps small businesses owners use, the Aider mobile app delivers easy access to answers, all from one place. App connections include: point of sale, accounting, ecommerce, payroll, rostering, online calendar, social media, and analytics

Ask Aider hundreds of questions by typing, voice-to-text or speaking through a voice assistant.

Aider can answer hundreds of your business questions, including:

“How much revenue did I make this week?”
“What do my sales look like next week?”
“Who showed up for work today?”
“How many Uber Eats sales have I made this month?”
“What were my top selling products today?”
Constantly learning and growing its knowledge base, Aider can also schedule notifications, put reminders in your calendar, and will deliver trends analysis and benchmarking.

Aider also provides “built in” connections to weather, events and news apps.


Key Benefits:

Immediate, easy access all of your information in one place, from wherever you are
Make fast, data-led decisions
Take actions directly from Aider to improve your business
Growing list of business and built-in app connections

Professional Services


Does your business use repeating invoices in VS1 Cloud? VS1 Cloud's repeating invoices are amazing ... but VS1 Cloud reports don't show projections of your future income. That's where BeanBox comes in. Simply connect BeanBox to VS1 Cloud and you'll see instant reports of your future repeating income, per month, for the next 12 months. This is ideal for knowing what you repeating income will be in advance.


When you connect BeanBox with VS1 Cloud, BeanBox syncs your repeating invoices from VS1 Cloud and then creates instant forecasts of your future repeating income. You'll see your income broken down by month and VS1 Cloud account code, and can drill down into any figures to see the invoices that make up the total. Plus you can see the annual income totals per customer for the next 12 months, as well as any repeating invoices that are ending soon. You can also export repeating invoice data easily.

Non-Profit Organization


Calxa simplifies management reporting for businesses, not-for-profits and accountants. Connecting to this VS1 Cloud app, will get you doing budgets and cash flow forecasts in just minutes. Easily add KPIs and ratios to your financial reports to get valuable business insights. Automating processes like report delivery and budget creation, it will save you time.


Connect to your VS1 Cloud and Calxa will extract your account structure, opening balances and tracking categories to help you prepare visual financial reports. Do budgets for up to 10 years for your organisation and department budgets for your tracking categories. Choose from over 120 templates to get started or customise your own.


DataDear allows you to automate your work by connecting your client data in VS1 Cloud to an Excel spreadsheet. There are various ways how DataDear can help your business or accounting firm. This can be used for reporting with data easily refreshed directly from VS1 Cloud (better than export) whenever required across different organisations. Start by using raw data and build your own reports or from sample management reports provided by DataDear.

Avoid upload limits and messy CSVs by using DataDear to create, edit or archive accounting entries in bulk (much better than import) manual journals, purchase orders, bank transactions, timesheets, tracking categories, chart of accounts, contacts, items, bank transfers,employees, bills and invoices directly from Excel.

Data Copy - Take a copy of your data (backup) for peace of mind or before you cancel a subscription. Download an offline backup / copy of your full audit trail including attachments to your source documents and reference data.

DataDear is a great tool to help prepare and generating consolidated reports for groups. With direct access to consolidated profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance and even access to group wide aged payables and receivables. It also handles the currency conversions for you.


DataDear integrates with VS1 Cloud accounting and can provide all data tables and reports provided from VS1 Cloud directly from Excel for all your companies & organizations. This data can then be shared with other users and clients. DataDear also provides a variety of other reports and sample workbooks which can help you better understand how DataDear can be used for reporting and for managing data in bulk. DataDear can also be used to configure and migrate a newly created VS1 Cloud organisation with the dedicated conversion and migration workbooks.


Reports and insights to help businesses thrive.

Fathom provides engaging management reports for businesses and their advisors. Track the metrics that matter, and get deeper insights so you can make better business decisions. It’s powerfully simple financial intelligence.

Are you an accountant, looking to scale your advisory services? Fathom is ideal for leading advisory teams, automating workflows and providing unprecedented efficiency. Find out more:


Analysis: Metrics and insights for informed decision making
Reporting: Craft captivating, insightful and customized reports in double- quick time
Consolidations: Easily create consolidated reports for multiple VS1 Cloud organizations
Benchmarking: Visually compare and rank your companies, clients or franchisees

Agriculture / Forestry / Fishing / Mining


Figured is the leading cloud based farm financial management system, designed to work closely with VS1 Cloud to provide Farmers and their Advisors with real time production tracking, budgeting and reporting information.

Figured has been designed for all members of the farming team, meaning the Farmer, the agri accountant, agri bank manager and farm management advisor can work together on one accurate data set.

For accounting professionals Figured provides greater efficiency in preparing and filing year end tax returns, freeing up capacity to offer a much more valuable and supportive service to farmers.


Your Figured account pulls financial information through from your VS1 Cloud account including chart of accounts and bank account movements, which then links in with livestock reconciliation and financial reports to automatically update production tracking and farm budgets.

Figured also has the ability to push livestock and crop sales and purchases directly across to VS1 Cloud, keeping both the farm and financial side of things in balance at the all times.

FLEX Financial Reporting

FLEX Financial Reporting is an Addon for the Windows desktop version of Excel that allows you to create powerful, custom reports with your VS1 Cloud data. It's ideal for people and businesses who want access to live data as well as the wanting to leverage the flexibility and power of Excel.

FLEX Financial Reporting

Flex Financial Reporting allows you to access raw data directly from one or many VS1 Cloud Organisations simultaneously from Microsoft Excel allowing you to create your own reports and refresh them at any time with live data.



Flowrev is online cost and revenue recognition software that lets users automate and streamline their accounting processes for deferred revenue and prepaid expenses. By eliminating time consuming spreadsheets users close faster and regularly deliver more accurate financials and forecasts. New regulations (IFRS15, ASC606) for revenue and expense recognition went into effect for private companies worldwide in Dec. 2018. Now's the time to implement revenue and expense recognition automation software. Beyond regulations, the more accurate financials, which are reflective of true business operations, are a must have for company executives.


Flowrev is a certified partner app seamlessly integrated via the VS1 Cloud API. Users can easily pull transaction data incrementally to Flowrev, automatically generate revenue and cost recognition schedules and journal back to VS1 Cloud with the click of a button. Changes to transactions in VS1 Cloud are easy to keep track of and handle with the built-in schedule checkers, which highlight transaction changes requiring follow on revrec/costrec processing. Flowrev supports VS1 Cloud Product/Services, tracking, currencies, multiple deferred revenue and recognition accounts, schedule and repeating invoice based forecasts and much more.



Whatever your business, Futrli has your back with a suite of products to help you feel in control of your business and to manage your cash flow. Accountants we are talking to you too! We have everything you need to support every one of your clients and grow your advisory services.

For businesses:

If you are a larger business, Futrli Advisor will all you to control your cash flow and accelerate growth with real time visually beautiful dashboards, simple to create month end PDF report packs and daily business performance monitoring alerts. The integrated all in one forecasting and reporting of Futrli Advisor will enable you to make the right strategic decisions based on accurate, real-time data and keep your business, investors or team on track.

Futrli Flow is for ALL businesses, especially if you don’t have a team of analysts! Flow is your ultimate small business cash flow tool. Running AI analysis over your VS1 Cloud financial data, it delivers priority-ordered insights via an actionfeed (like a social media feed but for your business!). Flow analyses your cash flow history, quickly generating insights about your invoicing and expense history. When you understand your cash flow trends, you’ll better understand your customers, suppliers and business. No set up, no training - instant insights about your business. It is also free to get started.

For Accountants:

Every client in your portfolio is different, so need you to help them differently. The combination of Futrli Advisor and Futrli Flow enable you to do just that. The hands off, instant set up of Flow means you can protect and add value to every one of your small businesses instantly even those that may be just starting out. The actionfeed provides the backdrop from which all future meetings can be held and the slack and gmail integrations mean they reach out to you from within the application for the help when they need it. This is new advisory!

Futrli Advisor answers the more traditional advisory requests for help. Whether it is preparing the month end report packs for clients, modelling a growth scenario or chairing a board meeting, Advisor will ensure you deliver the advisory needs of those clients. The real time alerts can come directly to you for pro active portfolio management too. Advisor can be completely white labelled to your firm’s branding for an immersive client advisory experience.

To support our accountants we have our highly acclaimed certification programme. Over 2500 accountants have used the modules to support their firms as they grow their advisory offering. With modules delivered online covering everything from marketing, selling, segmenting clients and structuring teams for growth, it can be dipped in and out of as needed.

Futrli was awarded Practice App of the Year 2018 and emerging App of the year 2015.

Non-Profit Organization


infoodle works with churches, charities and community groups of all sizes. infoodle enables your staff and volunteers to perform the administration of the organisation from contact management, communication, rosters and registration forms, through to receipting, gift aid, donor analysis, data segmentation, receiving and processing donations and reporting. All packages include support and free online training.


Focusing on donations, and related income, infoodle retrieves VS1 Cloud data for contacts, tracking categories and transactions. Contacts and transactions can also be sent to VS1 Cloud. This data is then used to provide receipts and donor data.


Key benefits
Jirav makes financial planning & analysis easy, helping you share beautiful dashboards, forecast your finances and report your progress in real-time


Jirav delivers smarter financials and faster insights, helping you understand where your business has been and predict where you’re going. The system joins your cloud-based Accounting, HR, CRM and billing data together to automatically surface a sophisticated, interconnected reporting & planning portal that is unique to your business. The platform is built for companies looking to empower their finance functions with real-time reporting & collaboration across --bookings, billing, revenue recognition, cash flow, and workforce/expense planning-- to get the answers they need, fast.


Built to benefit all types of businesses:
Save time with Joiin Spend less time finding data and churning through spreadsheets every month and work faster when consolidating reports.

A super-easy app Connect within minutes and, whether at your desk or on the go, feel more empowered with consolidated financials and sales reporting data easily available.

Highly flexible features Create an accurate picture of inter-company finances with powerful features like custom reports, customisable designs and ways to slice and dice data.

Safe and secure Keep your sensitive business data protected in the cloud with our robust, end-to-end security and multi-factor authentication.

Competitive pricing Get all features with simple company-based pricing and achieve automated consolidation and customisation without breaking the bank.

Ideal for:
Business owners and leaders, multi-business entrepreneurs, finance staff, accountants, and advisors – anyone working across more than one company and corporate groups.

Enjoy greater collaboration between all stakeholders as reports can be easily shared.

What’s included:
Key consolidated financial reports including custom reports, balance sheets, trial balance, cashflow, and profit and loss reports all included.

KPI reports include total revenue, gross profit margin, operating profit margin, activity ratio, and days sales outstanding.

Fully featured including:

Custom reports, budgets, eliminations and reporting by category all included.

Plus, multi-currency, multi-user with Excel download, charts and flexible reporting periods.

You get all of your favourite features with simple company-based pricing, limitless users and full support


Joiin pulls your monthly account data from VS1 Cloud using a quick, secure synchronisation process that runs automatically on a daily basis or on demand as needed. The data is then used to rapidly generate reports whenever required. All the core financial data is pulled across and Joiin crunches the numbers to produce a wide variety of financial reports and business KPI’s.


Klipfolio Dashboard

Klipfolio is a real-time fully cloud dashboard building platform. With Klipfolio, users can directly manipulate and mashup the data that goes into their data visualizations, writing formulas utilizing dozens of functions, math operations and statistics. Dashboards built in Klipfolio can be easily shared and viewed on browsers, wall-mounted TVs, and on mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Klipfolio Dashboard

Integrating VS1 Cloud with Klipfolio allows you to develop custom dashboards that give you and your team insight into your performance. Pull key metrics from your VS1 Cloud account into a dashboard that's up-to-date and easy to share with the whole team. Take your dashboard to the next level by combining your VS1 Cloud data with services like Salesforce, Excel, and hundreds more.



LivePlan is for small business owners, accountants and advisors. Plan, track and manage your business. Anywhere.

For Small Businesses
LivePlan turns your accounting data into easy-to-understand dashboards that help guide your decision-making. Create smart budgets, forecasts and visual financial reports in minutes.

For Accountants & Advisors
Thousands of accountants rely on LivePlan to deliver efficient and profitable advisory services. Help your clients set smart goals, track their profits and cash flow and refine their business strategies — all within a step-by-step framework.


Ditch the spreadsheets! LivePlan syncs to your VS1 Cloud accounting data in real time, and creates useful infographics so you know the pulse of your business at all times. Quickly identify trends in your numbers and then use those insights to better manage your business.

You can also compare your key metrics to similar businesses. This helps you answer questions like: “How does our profit compare to the industry average?” and “Is our net profit per employee the same as others in our industry?”

Plus, LivePlan makes it easy to build a polished, one-page business plan that's designed to impress investors


Syft Analytics

Key benefits

Powerful features to go from data to decisions: Create beautiful reports, visualize data in graphs & dashboards, consolidate multiple entities, compare performance to the industry, create forecasts & budgets and estimate the value of your entity.

Deliver real impact: Accountants and business owners use Syft to increase revenue and reduce costs, improve key performance metrics and save time across all reporting and analytics processes. Setup and ready-to-go in under 30 seconds.

Support to guide your every step: Multi-level support including guided setup and on-boarding, dedicated account managers, dedicated customer success specialists and live-chat assist.


Syft is an award-winning financial reporting and analytics app that allows accountants and businesses to easily create beautiful financial reports and insights.

Tax Planner Pro

Tax Planner Pro is tax projection and planning software for the small business owner. Connect your VS1 Cloud account and see tax projection amounts in minutes! We'll then give you personalized strategies to reduce your tax amounts due. Complete tax plans designed around your specific situation.

Tax Planner Pro

Tax Planner Pro syncs directly to your VS1 Cloud account. Simply login and connect in seconds! Setup is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once you are up and running, Tax Planner Pro will automatically update your projections as your business financial information changes.



Accurate and high quality bookkeeping directly impacts a firm's reputation. The cleaner the books, the more clients are satisfied. However, as firms scale, quality tends to suffer. As a result, countless tedious hours are spent by Firm Owners and/or Managers reviewing their team's work to ensure accuracy. VERIFYiQ has created a proprietary algorithm that catches all of the most common errors and also provides recommendations on how to fix these errors. Imagine the time savings! Even more importantly, imagine the confidence your team can have in knowing none of these errors are slipping through to your clients.


Simplify your monthly/quarterly File Review process by allowing VERIFYiQ to run a diagnostic that catches all of the most common errors. This allows team members to fix these errors before a VS1 Cloud file is submitted for review to a manager.

Reduce training time by allowing VERIFYiQ to advise team members on how to fix these common errors. Combined with the automatic diagnostic, this feature can help a manager be up to 50% more efficient.

As your cloud firm grows, your remote workforce will likely grow as well. Accountants and bookkeepers shouldn't sacrifice quality over efficiency. VERIFYiQ keeps virtual teams in sync as you scale your business.


Wink Reports

Wink Reports is for business owners, team members and their advisors and integrators. Wink provides complete visibility of your business, from Google Analytics, Adwords and Facebook marketing metrics to Unleashed inventory and ServiceM8 job metrics and of course VS1 Cloud, turning your data into meaningful strategic and operational decision-making dashboards and reports.

Wink Reports
Wink Reports synchronises with VS1 Cloud and enables you to design your own reports and dashboards. Reports can be viewed in real-time from any device, scheduled to your inbox and posted into Slack.