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Small Business Leadership Programme gives hope for 'survival'

30th Mar 2021 | Economics

Businesses helped by a government initiative have said they can now "survive" the pandemic.

The Small Business Leadership Programme aimed to show companies and managers how to adapt and thrive post-Covid.

Bristol nightclub, Lakota, was closed during most of the last year making it hard for it to stay financially stable.

After attending the course, managing director, James Haggart, said they will now focus on a broader age range to bring in the money they need.

The project was funded by the government as part of its Covid-19 recovery strategy and delivered online across 10 weeks.

Mr Haggart said: "It has helped us take a step back and look at the overall business and now we can see where we can improve.

"Our nightclub is very much directed at 18 to 25-year-olds, so we've organised our outside events to cater for people who are aged 18 to 60 instead.

"The broader demographic will help us bring in the money that we need."

'Adapt and survive'
Hen House, in Wiltshire, sells clothing for weddings and also faced set backs during the pandemic that made their business dramatically slow down.

Its founder, Bob Gilmore, took part in the training and said it was "invaluable".

"Lockdown has been very tough financially because weddings and events have been cancelled," he said.

"The training has showed us how to adapt and survive and we will now be expanding our offering so that we can give tailored experiences that can be done ahead of the wedding, such as craft workshops and events."

Executive director of the Small Business Charter, Anne Kiem, who helped to deliver the programme, said: "We have suffered from an economic shock and some businesses have been able to adapt and others haven't.

"So we have helped businesses that have been affected come back out boldly after being pushed into a corner during the current climate."

The government has also invested in a Help to Grow UK management course that the Small Business Charter will over see.

By: BBC News