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5-axis UMC from Haas makes light work of heavy duty sectors

21st May 2021 | Manufacturing

Haas Automation’s UMC-1600-H is a 50-taper universal machining centre based on the company’s popular EC-1600ZT HMC.

Haas has mounted a massive 630mm rotary table to the machine’s integrated 4th-axis platter to provide 3+2 positioning and full 5-axis motion for machining large parts.

The machine’s 50-taper cutting ability, heavy-duty rotary axes, and large work envelope make it an ideal 5-axis solution for the large parts found in the oil & gas, alternative energy, and other heavy sectors.

The 5th axis has a generous 630mm diameter rotary platter, with a 257mm through-bore. rpm, 50+1 side-mount tool changer; includes 1 GB programme memory, 15″ colour LCD monitor, USB port, Ethernet interface, memory lock keyswitch, rigid tapping, power-failure detection module and colour remote jog handle. Includes enclosure, coolant system and chip augers. Anchor kit required for installation.

To provide full, simultaneous 5th-axis motion, Haas mounted its all-new heavy-duty HRT630 rotary table to the integrated 4th-axis platter of our EC-1600ZT, using a purpose-built casting. This heavy-duty configuration provides large part capacity and 50-taper machining capabilities for larger 5-axis projects.

The 5th-axis has a maximum swing diameter of 1219 mm, and can handle parts up to 680 kg unsupported, or up to 1361kg with an optional outboard support.

By: Michael Tyrrell