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Keep your business aligned remotely with Cloud ERP solutions

8th Jul 2021 | Software

The past year has presented businesses of all sizes with a series of new challenges. Interrupted supply chains, stunted demand, and, most importantly, fully remote workforces compelled businesses to get more creative than ever to stay productive and in the black. Many are still struggling.

If your business is navigating outdated technology and siloed information and access that makes it difficult for your workforce to thrive, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can be a huge help.

A cloud-based ERP, plainly put, will allow your workforce to thrive in a remote environment, giving employees access to critical data wherever they're located and allowing them to collaborate with colleagues with the same data in real-time. With a cloud-based ERP, an organization's entire on-site network is available and accessible to the whole team, without the team needing to be in the building. Despite being apart, all departments have access to a unified picture of business performance for real-time decision-making that will help your business thrive through challenges. Cloud ERPs also receive regular updates to ensure ever-changing accounting and regulatory requirements are met so you don't have to re-engineer on-site software to meet changes.

Beyond the convenience of superlative infrastructure, however, cloud ERPs also help organizations build resilience and agility. When NetSuite investigated the effects of implementing cloud-based ERPs, it made some extraordinary discoveries about how companies adapted in one of the most challenging periods of recent memory. In NetSuite's white paper, 7 Ways ERP Helps Organizations Build Resilience and Agility, the networking giant explores how cloud operation drives speedy reaction times, improving the potential of distributed personnel. For instance, when teammates are in the same building, they can quickly share information, update documents, and collaborate. With a cloud-based ERP, they have that same potential.

Considering remote work may be here to stay, it's imperative for all businesses to get ahead of the reorganizational curve now. Should another unforeseen event force your business to move remote again, you want to be prepared to implement immediately impactful solutions to never miss a beat. 

A cloud-based ERP is one way to ensure your workforce can thrive, even when dispersed.

By: DealPost Team