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Pacsun Debuts First Live Shopping Event

10th Aug 2021 | Retail

Pacsun hosted its first live streaming shopping event for the limited edition Vans shoe in collaboration with A$AP Rocky on August 6, marking the Soho flagship store's one year anniversary. Thousands of customers signed up to watch the first-ever live stream in less than 24 hours.

Pacsun influencer and content creator, Mathieu Simoneau, who also appears in Pacsun campaigns, will host the retailer’s first live streaming shopping event. Pacsun's focus has always been its community of youth and speaking the language of its consumers, which has sparked an increase in social media efforts on behalf of the brand and exploration into newer platforms, like online entertainment.

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Over the past year, Pacsun has elevated the fashion and shopping experience of its community, at home and beyond, by providing users with virtual try-on experiences via Snapchat, initiatives on TikTok, and creators shoppable posts on Instagram.

The event allowed shoppers around the world to get a first look, in real time, at Pacsun's newest drop from A$AP worldwide and Vans. This event let fans engage in the conversation, as viewers can comment and ask questions before shopping for sneakers, in a truly interactive environment.

The launch of the live shopping event comes on the heels of the brand's popular exponential growth across social media platforms, including being a leading youth retailer on TikTok where they have recently surpassed 1.3 million followers and used the platform to release the short film directed by A$AP Rocky and Aisultan Seitov, created by his love for the comedy films 'Richie Rich' and 'Blank Check' that both debuted in 1994. The film features Vans reflective shoe and a new unreleased song from Rocky which was inspired by the collection.

"Pacsun is dedicated to transforming the e-commerce shopping experience and offering our customers innovative and entertaining online experiences, as seen in our partnerships with Tik Tok, Snapchat, Roblox, and most recently, Bambuser,” said president Brieane Olson. “Today, Pacsun is proud to be launching our first-ever Live Stream event in our Soho store in NYC, where shoppers around the world will get a first look, real time, at our newest drop from A$AP worldwide and Vans. This much anticipated drop, curated by our Guest Creative Director, A$AP Rocky, on a live stream platform with Bambuser, provides an engaging opportunity for viewers to comment, ask questions, and shop the drop first.”

By: Jamie Grill-Goodman